1. Come All Ye

2. Reynardine

3. Matty Groves

4. Farewell, Farewell

5. The Deserter

6. Medley:

7. Tam Lin

8. Crazy Man Michael

9. Sir Patrick Spens

10. The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood



Updated 6.19.04


current status: in-print in the U.S. on A&M Records (without bonus tracks);
in-print in the U.K. on Island Records (with bonus tracks)


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Island Records l.p., ILPS-9115, U.K., 1969
A&M Records l.p. (original) and c.d. (re-issue), SP-4257, U.S.A.
re-issue: Island Records c.d., CID-9115, U.K.
re-issue: Island Records c.d., IMCD-291, U.K., 2002.

Tracks 1-8 as listed above comprise the "original" complete and proper version of "Liege and Lief"

Bonus tracks on the 2002 Island U.K. c.d. re-issue:

"Sir Patrick Spens"

"The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood (Take One)"


Farewell, Farewell written by Richard Thompson and published by Warlock Music Ltd.

Crazy Man Michael written by Richard Thompson/Dave Swarbrick and published by Warlock Music Ltd./Sparta Florida Music Group Ltd.

Come All Ye written by Sandy Denny/Ashley Hutchings

Tam Lin traditional arranged Dave Swarbrick

The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood words written by Richard Farina and music traditional arranged Sandy Denny/Richard Thompson/Dave Swarbrick/Dave Mattacks

All other songs traditional arranged Sandy Denny/Dave Swarbrick/Richard Thompson/Simon Nicol/Ashley Hutchings/Dave Mattacks and published by Warlock Music Ltd.

Produced by Joe Boyd for Witchseason Productions Ltd. with special thanks to the English Folk Dance & Song Society Library at Cecil Sharp House
Recorded at Sound Techniques Ltd., London
Engineered by John Wood

"Sir Patrick Spens and The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood" are previously unreleased. ("The Quiet Joys Of Brotherhood" is an alternate take from the one used on the Sandy Denny"Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" box set. "Sir Patrick Spens" is sung by Sandy Denny, unlike the later version that appears on Full House.)

Fairport Convention:
Sandy Denny: vocals
Dave Swarbrick: violin, viola
Richard Thompson: guitars, vocals
Simon Nicol: guitars, vocals
Ashley Hutchings: bass guitar, vocals
Dave Mattacks: drums