1. Streets Of Paradise 

2. For Shame Of Doing Wrong 

3. The Poor Boy Is Taken Away 

4. Night Comes In 

5. Jet Plane In A Rocking Chair 

6. Beat the Retreat 

7. Hard Luck Stories 

8. Dimming Of The Day 

9. Dargai

10. Streets of Paradise (live)

12. The Dark End Of The Street



with Linda Thompson


Updated: 6.20.04

current status: in-print in the U.K. (with bonus tracks);
out-of-print in the U.S.


re-issue: Hannibal Records LP, CGLP-4404, USA

re-issue: Hannibal Records CD, CGCD-4404, USA

re-issue: Island Records c.d., IMCD-306, U.K., 2004


Tracks 1-9 as listed above comprise the "original" complete and proper version of
"Pour Down Like Silver"

Bonus tracks on the 2004 Island U.K. c.d. re-issue:
10. "Streets Of Paradise" (live),
11. "Night Comes In" (live),
12. "Dark End Of The Street" (live),
13. "Beat The Retreat" (live)

Dargai written by J. Scott Skinner, arranged by Richard Thompson

and published by Beeswing Music

All other songs written by Richard Thompson and published by Beeswing Music


Produced by John Wood and Richard Thompson

Recorded at Sound Techniques, London

Engineered by John Wood


Richard and Linda Thompson with:

Pat Donaldson: bass

Dave Pegg: bass on Streets Of Paradise, For Shame Of Doing Wrong, and Hard Luck Stories

Dave Mattacks: drums on Streets Of Paradise, For Shame Of Doing Wrong, and Hard Luck Stories

Timi Donald:drums

John Kirkpatrick: button accordion and Anglo-concertina

Nic Jones: fiddle

Aly Bain: fiddle

Henry Lowther:trumpet

Clare Lowther: cello

Ian Whiteman: concert flute, shakuhachi

Jack Brymer: clarinet on Dimming Of The Day


The first Island-U.K. re-issue bonus track, "Streets of Paradise", is previously unreleased and was recorded live at The Roundhouse, London, September 7, 1975 with John Kirkpatrick, button accordion; Pat Donaldson, bass; Dave Mattacks, drums.


The second Island-U.K. re-issue bonus track, "Night Comes In", is previously released on (guitar, vocal) and on Live! (more or less) and was recorded live at Oxford Polytechnic on November 27, 1975 with the Island mobile recording truck (24-track) and mixed at Sound Techniques in February, 1976; recorded and mixed by John Wood; the band included John Kirkpatrick, button accordion; Dave Pegg, bass; Dave Mattacks, drums


The final two Island-U.K. re-issue bonus tracks, "Dark End Of The Street" and "Beat The Retreat", were recorded live in mono directly from the PA mixer by Bernard Docherty at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, on April 25, 1975. "Dark End Of The Street" was previously released on (guitar, vocal) and onLive! (more or less); "Beat The Retreat" is previously unreleased.