1. When I Get To The Border

2. The Calvary Cross

3. Withered And Died 

4. I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight 

5. Down Where The Drunkards Roll 

6. We Sing Hallelujah 

7. Has He Got A Friend For Me 

8. The Little Beggar Girl 

9. The End of the Rainbow 

10. The Great Valerio 

11. The Ballad Of Easy Rider

12. Poor Will And The Jolly Hangman

13. A Heart Needs A Home 

14. The Dark End Of The Street

15. The Pitfall / The Excursion

16. Flee As A Bird

17. Night Comes In 



current status: out-of-print

ISLA-9421 USA 1976


2 LP set
Record one of this set is I Want To See the Bright Lights Tonight
Record two is made up of selections from (guitar, vocal)