1. My Time (sung by Christine Collister)

2. Gordon

3. Rude Health

4. Night School

5. Cornishe Pastiche

6. Crossing the Water

7. The Marksman

8. Kyrie 'Missa Papae Marcelli'-Palestrina

9. On Yer Eyes 

10. Gutters On The Run (sung by The Unexpected)

11. Don't Ever Change

12. Up There (impromptu on the themes by Ian Lynn)




Richard Thompson and Peter Filleul


current status: out-of-print

BBC Enterprises Ltd. l.p., REB-660, U.K., 1987

All titles published by Paternoster Music, Ltd.
Produced by Peter Filleul
Arranged by Peter Filleul and Richard Thompson
Musical direction by Ian Lynn

The Marksman by Ron Hutchinson from the novel by Hugh C. Rae
Produced by Sally Head
Directed by Tom Clegg
Music co-ordination by Musicare