1. I Ride In Your Slipstream

2. From Galway To Graceland

3. Easy There, Steady Now

4. Waltzing's For Dreamers

5. I Can't Wake Up To Save My Life


7. The Way That It Shows

8. Al Bowlly's In Heaven

9. Now Be Thankful

10. Mascara Tears

11. Tear Stained Letter

12. Dimming Of The Day 

13. 1952 Vincent Black Lightning

14. Beeswing

15. Mingus Eyes

16. Killerman Gold Posse

17. Shoot Out The Lights

18. Valerie

19. Wall Of Death

20. I Feel So Good

21. Hokey Pokey (The Ice Cream Song) 

22. Ghosts In The Wind

23. Back Street Slide

24. Read About Love


Updated: 07.16.09

current status: out of print

Digital download available through The ConneXtion

Flypaper CD, FLYCD-006, USA and UK, 1996


disc 1

I Ride In Your Slipstream, From Galway To Graceland, Easy There, Steady Now, Waltzing's For Dreamers, I Can't Wake Up To Save My Life, MGB-GT, The Way That It Shows, Al Bowlly's In Heaven, Now Be Thankful, Mascara Tears, Tear Stained Letter


disc 2

Dimming Of The Day,1952 Vincent Black Lightning, Beeswing, Mingus Eyes, Killerman Gold Posse, Shoot Out The Lights, Valerie, Wall Of Death, I Feel So Good, Hokey Pokey, Ghosts In The Wind, Back Street Slide, Read About Love


Now Be Thankful written by Dave Swarbrick/Richard Thompson and published by Warlock Music Ltd.

All other songs written by Richard Thompson and published by Beeswing Music


Produced and engineered by Tom Dube

Recorded live in America, April 16 - May 1 1994

Executive producers: Frank Kornelussen and Edward Haber

Album compiled and mixed at Playtime Music, Boston, Massachusetts

Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M. Works, Cambridge, Massachusetts


The Band:

Richard Thompson: acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synthesizer, vocals 

Pete Zorn: alto and soprano sax, mandolin, acoustic guitar, pennywhistle, vocals

Danny Thompson: double bass

Dave Mattacks: drums, percussion


The Crew:

Simon Tassano: tour manager, house engineer

Jim Croce: production manager, backline technician

Tom Dube: monitor engineer

Mark Griffin: system technician