The Old Kit Bag

Cooking Vinyl/spinART  2003

1. Gethsemane

2. Jealous Words 

3. I'll Tag Along 

4. A Love You Can't Survive

5. One Door Opens

6. First Breath

7. She Said It Was Destiny

8. I've Got No Right To Have It All

9. Pearly Jim

10. Word Unspoken, Sight Unseen

11. Outside of the Inside

12. Happy Days and Auld Lang Syne 


Cooking Vinyl, COOK CD 251, U.K., 2003 

P-Vine Records, PCD-23366, Japan, 2003 

Cooking Vinyl/spinARTrecords, spart 126, U.S.A., 2003 

current status: in print

Unguents, Fig Leaves and Tourniquets For The Soul

Chapter I: The Haunted Keepsake. Songs 1-6
Chapter II: The Pilgrims Fancy. Songs 7-12

All songs written by Richard Thompson and published by Beeswing Music (BMI).

Administered by Bug Music

The Japanese release includes "live" bonus track, "So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo"*.

The first 40,000 U.S. releases include a bonus CD with '"live" songs: "So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo"*

and "Kiss"*, as well as clips from the RT- BBC Documentary "Solitary Life".

Available April 29 in U.S.: Limited edition 5-song EP: "Tracks" at select independent retailers.


Richard Thompson: vocals, guitars, accordion, dulcimer, mandolin and harmonium

Danny Thompson: Upright bass

Michael Jerome: Drums, percussion,background vocals

Judith Owen Background vocals

Produced by John Chelew

Recorded and mixed by Jimmy Hoyson at Capitol Studio "B", Hollywood.

Assistant Engineer: Mike Glines

Mastered by Stephen Marcussen at Marcussen Mastering, Los Angeles


*From the CD "1000 Years of Popular Music"Recorded live in the USA by Ed Haber & Ilana Pelzig Cellum, 2002. Mixed by Simon Tassano at Rumiville Music, Austin TX.


Cooking Vinyl UK FRYCD148P Promotional CD, includes 'I'll Tag Along", "One Door Opens" and "I've Got No Right To Have It All"


Cooking Vinyl UK FRYCD155, 1000 Copy, Limited Edition CD, includes 

'She Said It Was Destiny", "So Ben Mi Ca Bon Tempo*" and "Hard On Me"






NEW in 2005!

The Old Kit Bag DualDisc CD/DVD





Entire Album in 5.1 Surround Sound and Stereo

Kit and Caboodle-Live Performance Videos (Live In Providence DVD July 24th 2003)

-- (Outside of the Inside, Jealous Words)

Lyrics for all titles

Original Reviews from Mojo: With a Grain of Salt -

-- (February 2003, The Guardian Newspaper, Billboard, Classic Rock April 2003, 

-- Q February 2003, Sunday Times 2003.)

RT Biography

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(P) 2003 Richard Thompson under exclusive license to Cooking Vinyl.

(C) 2005 5.1 Label Group L.L.C.

Product of Silverline Records. All rights reserved.


DVD Credits:

Executive Producers: John Trickett, Jeff Dean and Bob Michaels

5.1 Mixed by: Gary Lux at 5.1 Production Services

Assisted by: Ken Ramos

5.1 Mastering: Adrian van Velsen

Mastering Assistant, Audio Conforming and Encoding: Josh Patrick

Chief Engineer: Chris Haynes

Product Manager: Barbie Solinski

Authoring Manager: Ignacio Monge

'Outside of the Inside' and 'Jealous Words' recorded Live at Lupo's, Providence, RI, July 24, 2003

Produced and Directed by: Eric Masunaga at Modulus DVD

Additional Production: Adam Roffman

Camera Operators: Patrick Ruth, Steve Maing, Dough Martin, Adam Roffman

Lighting Director: Patrick Ruth

Front of House Mix: Simon Tassano

Sound Recording and Stereo Mix: Tom Dube

Additional Photos: Ron Slenzak

Video Editing: Orrin Anderson

Audio Post Production/5.1 Mix: Eric Masunaga and Michael Huthcerson

Additional Video Editing and Capturing: A.J. Lara Video Encoding: Jason Desmond

Packaging and Menu Design: Mio Murakami

Authoring: Ignacio Monge and Kevin Coons at 5.1 Production Services

Quality Control: 5.1 Production Services

Project Coordination: Randy Glenn

Voice-Over Talent, 'Speaker Setup': JUannelle Guillot

Voice-Over Talent, "About DVD-Audio": Shari Guynn


5.1 Thanks: 

Eric Masunaga and Modulus DVD, Tim Bernett, Tom Wheeley, Martin Goldschmidt and Cooking Vinyl, Phil Blume, Jon Burk, Shans Samboceti, Matthew Snyder, Sandi Taylor; and Tom and Pat Tricjett