1. Let It Blow

2. For Whose Sake? 

3. Miss Patsy

4. Old Thames Side

5. How Does Your Garden Grow?

6. My Soul, My Soul

7. Cressida

8. Row, Boys, Row

9. The Boys of Mutton Street

10. Precious One

11. A Solitary Life

12. Should I Betray?

13. When We Were Boys At School



current status: in-print

Cooking Vinyl COOKCD325


Richard Thompson, several things, with 

Debra Dobkin, percussion


Produced by Simon Tassano and Richard Thompson

Recorded at Trellis Sound, Pacific Palisades, CA

Mixed by Simon Tassano at Rumiville Studio, Austin, TX

Mastered by Jim Wilson, YES Mastering, Austin, TX


All compositions written by Richard Thompson

Published by Beeswing Music (BMI),

administered by Bug Music


Thanks to: Tim Bernett, Nancy Covey, Bobby Eichorn for the digits, Jen O'Neill, Dee Gennarelli, David Hirshland and everyone at Bug Music. 

Lowden Guitars, Divided by Thirteen Amplification, Sunrise Pickups, Ferrington Guitars, Elixir Strings, Westwood Music, McCabe's Guitar Shop


Management: Tim Bernett/The Fitzgerald Hartley Company

Booking: Frank Riley/High Road Touring (N. America), 

Paul Fenn/Asgard Agency (Europe)

Legal: Terri F. Baker, Esq.


Package Design: Tornado Design, Los Angeles

Art Direction: Al Quattrocchi & Jeffrey Smith

Cover Illustration: Lou Beach

Photography: Ron Slenzak+Associates



P 2005 Richard Thompson under exlusive license to Cooking Vinyl, 

2005 Cooking Vinyl under exclusive license license from Richard Thompson


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