INTERVIEW: Richard Thompson, Acoustic and Electric

JM: Can you tell us a bit about your soon-to-be-released album, Acoustic Classics?

RT: This was conceived to be something to sell at acoustic shows. I don’t really have anything on the merchandise table that is representative of a solo show, so I went in the studio and revisited some of the more popular songs I play live.

JM: Were there any songs that you particularly wanted to revisit, perhaps because the original recording didn’t feel right to you, or because the meaning of the song has changed substantially for you over the years?

RT: In most cases, these are acoustic versions of songs that were originally recorded electric, and there have never been acoustic studio versions, just some live recordings, where I wasn’t always satisfied with the sound or the performance. Also, some of these songs are 45 years old. I sing them and feel about them differently, and it’s nice to capture the evolution.


- Jeff Moehlis, Santa Barbara Noozhawk Contributing Writer